Shaking up consumption habits through scalable businesses

During the first day of the 2023 edition of 4YFN, Aticco participated in the session Social Awareness: Turning Less into Much More with the roundtable entitled Shaking up consumption habits through scalable businesses, with the participation of Angel Bou (CEO & Co-founder at Simplr), Marc Jordana (CEO & Cofounder at Norrsken Barcelona), and moderated by our colleague Naiara Chaler (Chief Community Officer at Aticco).


The general session focused on learning the perspective of leaders and startups working and building businesses to shift our current resource-intensive social model towards a more sustainable paradigm that reduces the need for goods and materials.

The speakers opened up the conversation on how to shake up consumption habits through scalable businesses pointing out that it is fundamental to include sustainability and circularity in the culture of companies.. From the statement of its mission, the action plan and generation of awareness, to promoting that managers become an example to follow for the rest of the team.

In this sense, technology is on our side. Startups have access to the tools needed to measure the emissions and environmental impact that their processes generate, from the production and logistics, to the transformation of the residues. But the first step is to change their mindset, in order to make the most of these tools and find green solutions for their processes.

They also talked about the importance of not losing sight of the business rentability, looking for a balance between sustainability and return.. Two factors that investors focus on when they decide to invest in a startup.

And why do we talk about balance? Because everything points to sustainable startups being the ones to bring a better return, and proof of it is the one million green startups that today bet on green solutions and business models that work under a commitment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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